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    world time alarm clocks Bestsellers

    Jumbl™ World Time Travel Alarm Clock Digital LCD Backlit Screen w/LED Torch Flashlight, Full Year/Month/Date/Day Calendar, Timer Function, Temperature Display & More
    Jumbl™ World Time Travel Alarm Clock Digital LCD Backlit Screen w/LED Torch... details

    Jumbl™ World Time Travel Alarm Clock Digital LCD Backlit Screen w/LED Torch...

    by Jumbl

       $14.99   ( $39.00 ) ( Free shipping )
    • Lightweight Portable Alarm Clock w/18 Time Zones
    • Bright Flashlight: 3 LEDs Rated at Thousands of Hours
    • Handy, Removable, Washable Wrist/Hanging Strap
    JCC Multifunctional Travel Pocket 12-digit Calculator Electronic Portable Folding LCD World Time Alarm Clock with Temperature Calendar
    JCC Multifunctional Travel Pocket 12-digit Calculator Electronic Portable... details

    JCC Multifunctional Travel Pocket 12-digit Calculator Electronic Portable...

    by JCC

       $19.99   ( Free shipping )
    • ** Not include backlight
    • Clock high precision, the fine workmanship, beautiful. Primary...
    • Multifunction 6 in 1: clock, alarm clock, thermometer, calendar,...
    World Time Clock /Calculator /Alarm/ Calendar - Travel Flip Calculator and Alarm
    World Time Clock /Calculator /Alarm/ Calendar - Travel Flip Calculator and Alarm details

    World Time Clock /Calculator /Alarm/ Calendar - Travel Flip Calculator and Alarm

    by Luxury Gifts Inc

    • Features a calendar
    • Batteries included
    • Features a built-in calculator
    World Time Alarm Clock/Calculator
    World Time Alarm Clock/Calculator details

    World Time Alarm Clock/Calculator

    by Unknown

       $4.99   ( $29.00 )
    • 8 Digit Calculator
    • Radio
    • Permanent Calendar
    Rectangle Quartz Alarm Clock World Time Zone Turnplate Calendar
    Rectangle Quartz Alarm Clock World Time Zone Turnplate Calendar details

    Rectangle Quartz Alarm Clock World Time Zone Turnplate Calendar

    by Amico

       $13.81   ( Free shipping )
    • Material : Plastic;Net Weight : 111g
    • Item Name : World Time Calendar;Power : 2 x AAA Batteries (Here is...
    • Overall Size : 15.8 x 5.7 x 1.8cm/ 6.2" x 2.2" x 0.7"...
    16 Cities World Executive Time Alarm Clock with Calculator--WR3688WD
    16 Cities World Executive Time Alarm Clock with Calculator--WR3688WD details

    16 Cities World Executive Time Alarm Clock with Calculator--WR3688WD

    by WeiringUSA

    • Design for both desktop and protable use
    • World clock for 16 different cities around the world
    • Digital calendar with alarm clock and calculator
    Robotic Calculator with World Time Clock and Fold Out Travel Alarm Clock
    Robotic Calculator with World Time Clock and Fold Out Travel Alarm Clock details

    Robotic Calculator with World Time Clock and Fold Out Travel Alarm Clock

    by Journey's Edge

       $5.35   ( Free shipping )
    • World Time Digital Clock (16 time zones)
    • Full Function 8-Digit Calculator
    • Daily/Monthly Calendar


    Worlds Biggest Alarm Clock

    Welcome to my entry to "Worlds Biggest" contest. This is what has gotten me to school and work on time for the last 4 years. I mounted a large air cy...

    world time alarm clocks - 44 active listings


    The World's Most Terrible Alarm Clock And Other Intentionally ...

    When Lydia Cambron was tasked with interpreting the word ‘ruffle’ for a group show at Portland’s White Box Gallery this summer, she started thinking about daily disruptions. Outside of the tech world, disruptions usually have negative connotations—a flat tire, a stain on a white shirt, a smashed iPhone case. But Cambron, a Portland-based industrial designer, prefers to think of these disruptive ruffles as beneficial. She believes that being aggravated, pained even, can force us to address our more deep-seated anxieties and insecurities. Once you can wrap your head around accepting, and even appreciating, discomfort, imagine three products that facilitate it. That’s the idea behind Twice Daily , Cambron’s three-pronged conceptual project. • The Personal Weight is an eight-pound purple cylinder reminiscent of a sex toy, which adds extra weight to a backpack or purse. (It’s phallic enough that you’d think twice before taking it out in public)....

    Source: The Awl ( )

    A Beautiful Way to Wake Up: Testing the Rise Alarm Clock App Tech ...

    Rise is gorgeous, even from the start screen. Great choices in typography and color make it clear why it's become a star in the alarm clock app category. Setting an alarm is done by holding down on the time, then sliding up and down to change the time. It's fun and quick, but a little difficult to get down to a specific minute, if that's your goal. When setting an alarm and once you've got it set, Rise will tell you how long you've got until your alarm goes off. I'm constantly doing that math in my head when I'm staying up too late, so that's very useful. Rise keeps settings ultra simple, but has a long list of pretty alarm tones to choose from (I went with "Gentle Chimes"). You can opt to repeat your alarm, but unfortunately you can't set different recurring alarms for different days. Apartment Therapy Media makes every effort to test and review products fairly and transparently. The views expressed in this review are the personal views of...

    Source: Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time ( )

    Grateful Dead

    How did people wake up in the mornings before alarm clocks and domesticated roosters?

    I couldn't imagine waking up in the morning without an alarm clock!!! I could possibly learn to deal with roosters, but how did people wake up on time in the old days before both of these???

    There is not need for clocks or roosters as long as you are in tune with your natural state of being and don't let the world around rule you and stress you. We all have a natural inner clock though...


    How did people know when to wake up, before there were alarm clocks?

    Please don't say people had roosters. Not everyone lived in the country. So, how did people (who lived in the cities) know when to wake up, before there were alarm clocks?

    7 Ways People Woke Up, Pre-Alarm Clock Not to, er, sound a note of alarm or anything, but you’ll notice roosters are nowhere to be found on this list. That’s because roosters will (and do) ‘cock...

    Latest News

    The Gadget That Reaches Inside Your Dreams

    11/17/13, via Mashable:

    One of the most accepted techniques for distinguishing reality from the dream world is to read a book or a street sign, then read that piece of text a second time. . At worst, the flashes wake them in the middle of the night like an unwelcome alarm ...

    It's time we disconnected to reconnect

    11/16/13, via The Age:

    The first thing, and the last thing we touch each day is our digital phone (its cleverly integrated alarm clock), rather than our analog partner. We crave the In a world of omnipresent digital time, we still insist on wearing analog watches on our ...

    My Journey to Islam - Abdullahi Edward

    11/17/13, via

    How can you hire somebody, fly him half-way around the world and still not know he was coming? After all the formalities, I was posted to Teachers Training College Gumel. They had the meeting and afterwards they took over the filin dambe and they ...

    Latest iOS 7 Bug May Be The Sequel To The 'Daylight Savings Time' Bug

    10/28/13, via Huffington Post:

    The "current time" line in the calendar apps is an hour ahead. Thankfully, though, nobody is reporting errors in their alarm clocks. Apple did not respond to a request for comment. In 2010, a bug in iOS 4 messed up iPhones' alarms around the world when ...

    Which skyscraper is tallest? It's complicated

    11/17/13, via Salon:

    For a quarter-century, ending in 1998, Chicago's Willis Tower (née Sears) was the tallest building in the world; for 40 years, ending this week, it was the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. On Tuesday, the Willis Tower At the time, the ...

    Alarm Clocks Powered By Water

    11/17/13, via

    FROM - A new alarm clock design shuns traditional power sources like batteries and wall plugs in favor of an old, time-tested standard from the world of advertising – just add water. It’s a fitting slogan for a design from Mark Bedol ...

    Big Ben the world’s Biggest Alarm Clock… Lovey’s Lob

    11/16/13, via

    Greetings and cheers from London. The team from 10sballs wakes up every morning to see the London Eye staring us in the eye. Yes, it’s right outside our windows. Then we look left and see our alarm clock also known as “Big Ben” .

    The Nimbus Alarm Clock Wants To Be Your Digital Personal Assistant

    11/12/13, via Gadget Review:

    It’s so much more than your traditional alarm clark ... displays real-time info that you think is important. You can set it automatically based on your cloud data and preferences since it’s the dashboard into your world.

    Howard Miller 645-600 World Travel Alarm Clock

    11/15/13, via

    Alarm clock, snooze button, time, month and date. Even shows you the temperat... "Our lightweight, easy to set alarm clock is loaded with travel friendly features. High impact case doubles as a handy stand with nonslip feet. A simple tap on the wide screen ...

    Present Time Brink World Time Alarm Clock With Metal Pin

    11/09/13, via

    DUAL COMPACT ALARM CLOCK MAG MM172K By MAGNASONICType Alarm ... Seiko R Wave Clocks are Radio Controlled and Extremely Accurate Due to their Ability to receive Signals from the Most Accurate Clock in the World The Atomic Clock is so Accurate it Keeps Time ...

    world time alarm clocks - Images

    white black alarm clock contrast photoshop artistic time dial numbers worlds loudest
    B & W Alarm Clock

    B & W Alarm Clock

    Photo by tripplehelix on Flickr

    world clock office desk kitlens 1989 1980s seiko timezones lomaprietaearthquake canondigitalrebelxti worldtimevoicealarm
    seiko world time voice alarm

    seiko world time voice alarm

    My father received this clock in 1989 from a Bay Area man who was out of the country when the Loma Prieta earthquake struck. The man's wife lived in one of the stricken areas, so he asked my father to call her...

    Photo by S.C. Asher on Flickr

    notanymore tryingtogettoheavenbeforetheyclosethedoor fsunews rileyshaaberfsview lyricsdepot writtenbyelenanovakstaffwriter societymighttermtheseactivitiesamarkoflaziness butdrkandersericsson anesteemedfacultymemberatfloridastate healsofoundthatpracticingisthefirstthingtheydointhemorning followingagoodnight’ssleep ideallyanalarmclockshouldbeused asaremindertogotobed wakingupattherighttime shouldhappennaturallyafterafullrest alotofthetroubleericssonsaid maycomefromhavingthewrongperspective andifyoulookbackonitthat’sawastedopportunity tobecomeexcellentatsomethingthat’stheirchoicehesaid fsustudentamandazubillagaagreeswiththesefindings andasamusiciansheseesthemplayedoutinherownlife lucindawilliamssomethingaboutwhathappenswhenwetalk lucindawilliamstryintogettoheaven ibeenallaroundtheworldboys nowimtryingtogettoheavenbeforetheyclosethedoor lucindawilliamsrighteouslylive2007 diekantinekolngermanynovember122007 righteouslylyrics albumworldwithouttears bemyloverdontplaynogamejustplaymejohncoltraine youdonthavetoproveyourmanhoodtomeconstantly getexcitedandbitemyneckgetmeallworkeduplikethat armsaroundmywaistyougetatasteofhowgoodthiscanbe bethemanyououghttotenderlystandupforme ericssonarrivedatthisconclusionbystudyingexpertmusicians andotherswithperformancedrivenskills andheandhiscolleaguesfoundthatthesepeople typicallypracticedforuninterruptedsessionsof90minutes andnomorethanfourandahalfhoursperday professorfindsrelaxingiskeytosuccess kandersericssonrestreposeareimportantforabalancedlife theworldbeyondcollegeisequallyfastpaced andsleepandvacationsarejustasinfrequent studentsmightaswellgetusedtoitright hasextensivelystudiedthedailyregimensofsuccessfulpeople andfoundthattakingtimeofftorechargeiskey alotofstudentstheyspendfouryearsfindingout thatthereisn’tanythingthatthey’regiftedat ivebeenwalkingthroughthemiddleofnowhere ivebeenwalkingthatlonesomevalley gonnasleepdownintheparlorandrelivemydreams illclosemyeyesandiwonder ifeverythingisashollowasitseems willienelsonthebeautifullucindawilliams willieandlucindasingovertime flirtwithmedontkeephurtinmedontcausemepain iknowyourethemancantyouseeiloveyourighteously whenyourunyourhandallupandrunitbackdownmyleg ifyoutrulylovewhatyou’reworkingon you’llneverstopzubillagasaid you’llalwaysbethinkingofthecertainmelody ormotivesthatyoufellinlovewith ithinkyoucanbesuccessfulifyouputintheextraeffort butyou’lltrulybesuccessfulifyoulovewhatyoudo becauseitdoesn’tfeellikeyou’reworking dirkbogardesamanthaeggarmylènedemongeot bitchthatknowseverythingallstressedoutandnoonetochoke womenarentrugsjawohlfräulein 609pmmar172013 writtenbydrewmacfarlanestaffwriterdrewmacfarlane nov72013 bringonwake jameswilderjrshedsoffawouldbetacklerduringlastyear’sgameversuswakeforest theseminoleswillhavetheirsecondtolastawaygameversusthedemondeacons doctorindistress1963
    Doctor in Distress (1963) ...item 2d.. Lucinda Williams - Tryin To Get To...

    Doctor in Distress (1963) ...item 2d.. Lucinda Williams - Tryin To Get To Heaven ...item 3.. Bring on Wake (Nov. 7, 2013) -- Wake Forest at noon on Saturday in Winston-Salem, NC ...

    The world beyond college is equally fast-paced, and sleep and vacations are just as infrequent. Students might as well get used to it, right? Not anymore. . .........*****All images are copyrighted by their...

    Photo by marsmet521 on Flickr

    solar december watch timepiece wristwatch blueangels citizen radiocontrolled 2009 skyhawk ecodrive perpetualcalendar neverneedsabattery worldtimein43cities 99minutecountdowntimer digitaldisplaylightledbacklight waterresistantto200m atomictimekeepingwithradiocontrolledaccuracy jy004059l 2alarms 1100secondchronographmeasuresupto24hours greenwichmeantimedisplay rotatingsliderulebezel nonreflectivecrystal powerreserveindicator allstainlesssteelblueionplating
    Early Christmas Present

    Early Christmas Present

    Link to PDF Manual

    Photo by The Rocketeer on Flickr

    clock blog time watch timeismyenemy timeismyfriend timeisthefireinwhichiburn
    "Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn..."

    "Time Is The Fire In Which We Burn..."

    ...and sometimes, I feel I'm burning so bright, that I could burst into embers with the slightest touch. Behold, the most important objects in my daily life - Clocks, Timepieces, Watches. Instruments to measure and...

    Photo by raider3_anime on Flickr

    cameraphone nyc mosaic flushingmeadows queens urbanruins 1939worldsfair worldsfair timecapsule beetleware
    Mosaic of the 1939 World's Fair Time Capsule

    Mosaic of the 1939 World's Fair Time Capsule

    The actual time capsule is not actually buried here; it's elsewhere on the grounds. The mosaic describes the time capsule as containing "22,000 pages of microfilm, 15 minutes of newsreel, and 124 commonly used...

    Photo by Spatch on Flickr

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