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    touch screen alarm clocks Bestsellers

    Oregon Scientific BARM699 Touch-Screen AM/FM Radio Alarm Clock with Weather Forecasts and Wireless Outdoor Thermometer
    Oregon Scientific BARM699 Touch-Screen AM/FM Radio Alarm Clock with Weather... details

    Oregon Scientific BARM699 Touch-Screen AM/FM Radio Alarm Clock with Weather...

    by Oregon Scientific

    • Displays indoor temperatures, and outdoor temperature sent from...
    • Automatically sets itself to the US Atomic Clock and adjusts for DST
    • Bedside weather station with atomic clock and temperature and 12-...
    Advance Time 6225AT Touch Screen Color Changing Alarm Clock
    Advance Time 6225AT Touch Screen Color Changing Alarm Clock details

    Advance Time 6225AT Touch Screen Color Changing Alarm Clock

    by Advance Clock

       $18.03   ( $24.99 ) ( Free shipping )
    • Unique flat screen design
    • Repeating snooze
    • Personalize color display and case light-choose from red, blue or...
    AcuRite 13007 Touchscreen Travel Alarm Clock
    AcuRite 13007 Touchscreen Travel Alarm Clock details

    AcuRite 13007 Touchscreen Travel Alarm Clock

    by Chaney Instruments

       $8.50   ( $13.84 ) ( Free shipping )
    • Set & Forget Technology automatically adjusts for daylight savings...
    • Displays inside temperature
    • Alarm/snooze and backlight
    2013 New Large Screen LCD Display Digital Alarm Clock Touch Snooze/Backlight Sensor Intelligent Backlight
    2013 New Large Screen LCD Display Digital Alarm Clock Touch Snooze/Backlight... details

    2013 New Large Screen LCD Display Digital Alarm Clock Touch Snooze/Backlight...

    by Clock 65

    • Ensure quality industry leading
    • Delivery Time 15-25 Days
    • Forty days unconditional return


    LCARS Touch Screen Alarm Clock Prototype, No Flash

    My prototype LCARS alarm clock running on a USB touchscreen. All graphics are live-drawn by custom Java Swing code, no flash and no bitmaps. It's definitely ...

    touch screen alarm clocks - 8 active listings


    Electrifying Touchscreen Alarm Clock - Yanko Design

    Electrifying Touchscreen Alarm Clock The singNshock is a capacitive touch screen alarm clock that features an integrated music player with mmc slot. It allows you to store unlimited music so that you can wake up to the melodies of your favorite song. Crazy as it sounds, the clock also features an optional electric shock feature, which gives a micro-volts of electric current, when the user pushes the aluminum coated off button on the top of the clock.

    Source: Yanko Design ( )

    The week in gadgets: Roku Streaming Stick, iOS bacon alarm clock ...

    Roku Streaming Stick Roku, the company behind the popular content streaming box, has decided to bring the size of the device down to a handy dongle that can be inserted into a TV’s HDMI port. This is not the first time the company has released a streaming stick. The first version came out in 2012, but was limited in its capabilities, given it could only work with a select list of Roku-ready TVs, which included not-so-well-known brands Insignia, Proscan and oCosmo. Now, however, this stand-alone device will work with any HDMI-ported TV (with a USB or plug socket power supply) and is expected to sell for about US$50 (€36). Details have not been released on when it will become available in Europe. The device's obvious competitor is Google’s own Google Chromecast , which offers a similar service. That is limited to a small number of apps but is expected to change as the company has recently opened up the streaming dongle to developers to work on their...

    Source: Silicon Republic - News ( )


    Can the alarm clock app on my iPod touch damage the screen?

    I decided to download the alarm clock/nightstand app for my iPod it would be lit up all night.could this damage my screen in anyway? also, I ll have it plugged into the charger all night.will that damage the battery in the future with it...

    The iPod touch has an LCD screen, and technically they are supposed to be immune to burn-in. I have left a laptop on overnight every night for the past year or so (and yes, with no screensaver),...

    how do you set an alarm on an ipod touch?

    i got a speaker system for my ipod touch for christmas (no, it's not an ihome) and was wondering how to set an alarm on my ipod touch. then i could plug it into the speakers and use both together like an alarm clock. if it can't be done, please...

    You turn on your iPod and go to the clock. Click the alarm button on the bottom of the screen. Click the little + button on the top right of the screen. Then set your alarm. Hope this helps.

    Latest News

    To keep teenagers alert, schools let them sleep in

    03/14/14, via Santa Fe New

    She set three successive alarms on her phone. Skipped breakfast. Hastily applied The sputtering, nearly 20-year movement to start high schools later has recently gained momentum in communities like this one, as hundreds of schools in dozens of ...

    Specs Leak for Google's Upcoming LG-made Smartwatch

    03/14/14, via Droid Life:

    Listen google, try and get right what samsung didn't (meaning do it from scratch): We want it to show notifications, emails, alarm clocks, timer, clock etc. – keep it . Gear 2 just isn't doing it for me, and I'm not sold on the Pebble without a ...

    Fleeting moments

    03/14/14, via The News International:

    More than 550 accidents reported on average in Lahore within any 24 hours should alarm the provincial administration. Those who have travelled abroad would know how vehicles The warden said he dare not touch those who displayed political posters on ...

    Missed Alarms and 40 Million Stolen Credit Card Numbers: How Target Blew It

    03/13/14, via Businessweek:

    Target had a team of security specialists in Bangalore to monitor its computers around the clock. If Bangalore noticed Had the company's security team responded when it was supposed to, the theft that has since engulfed Target, touched as many as ...

    BlackBerry Z30: The review

    03/14/14, via The Periscope Post:

    BlackBerry users will swear by their physical keyboard and a proper fan would probably not move to a touch screen in the near future. The keyboard From the clock, you can turn on or off an existing alarm or add new ones using the button on the top ...

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    Permanent Snooze - Day 114, Year 2

    Permanent Snooze - Day 114, Year 2

    07/12/09 Mornings can be a struggle... some days more so than others ;) Lightroom: white balance crop, use brush tool to balance the phone screen to the ambient, sharpen. save to JPG. The alarm clock picture came...

    Photo by purplemattfish on Flickr

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    What’s on my iPhone

    What’s on my iPhone

    These are all the apps currently on my iPhone. There are many, many notes with links. If there isn’t a note on an app leave a comment and I’ll add one. I just did my favorites at the moment. To get a closer look, see...

    Photo by Erik Mallinson on Flickr

    chicago wizard pda sharp iphone swanksalot sethanderson oz7000 sharpwizard
    Sharp Wizard OZ-7000

    Sharp Wizard OZ-7000

    Shot with my Hipstamatic for iPhone Lens: John S Flash: Off Film: Pistil From Wikipedia; The Sharp Wizard is a series of electronic organizers released by Sharp Corporation. The first model was the OZ-7000 released...

    Photo by swanksalot on Flickr

    alarm glow ipod time earlymorning redandblue split 203 touchscreen digitalclock 3seconds tallscreen greennumbers
    Check the time

    Check the time

    Photo by jonseidman1988 on Flickr

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    Cool Toys Pic of the day - Mutewatch

    Cool Toys Pic of the day - Mutewatch

    Mutewatch: What's black and white and red all over, but doesn't make a single sound? Well, grey and white and red, anyway. The new answer is Mutewatch. In their words: "Mutewatch is a silent...

    Photo by rosefirerising on Flickr

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