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    Linda K

    Ridgeway Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock - pendulum broken. Any information about how to find parts?

    I have a Ridgeway Tempus Fugit Grandfather Clock circa 1974, made with Movement E that needs the pendulum fixed. I need information on how to fix and /or where to find information on how to fix it and find the necessary parts. Can anyone help?

    Most large metropolitan areas have clock repair shops. You can check the business listings of the nearest large city to you, if you dont live in one. I just did a quick search on Yahoo......


    What year and is it possible to fix our Seth Thomas grandfather clock?

    We have a Seth Thomas Tempus Fugit grandfather clock. The chains and weights are off. The wood is stamped 881 in multiple places, and the gear box is stamped A403-010. I can't find any information or manuals for this clock. Is it possible to...

    if you want to know the dat it was made i wouldn't look on the internet, I suggest you to find some books on clocks if you want to know in what year is was made. and for the fixing, if the guy you...

    Latest News

    WATERFORD ~ Grandfather Clock ~ IRELAND For Sale - New and Used

    11/26/13, via Pet Peoples Place: www.petpeoplesplace.com

    Up for offer is a Grandfather Clock by Waterford Crystal of Ireland. The base of the Crystal on one side is acid-etched Waterford and the base on the other side is acid-etched Ireland. (could not get a good picture of this) The crystal is in excellent ...

    Precision Lube Ultimate Synthetic Grandfather Clock Oil For Sale - New and Used

    11/20/13, via Pet Peoples Place: www.petpeoplesplace.com

    Up for your consideration is the ultimate syntheticGrandfather Clock lubricant: Precision Lube !! Great for restoring and maintaining your clocks. Precision lube is a 100% synthetic lubricant thathas superior protection and performance qualities over other ...

    Wrestling: Stillwater’s Valenti to vie for Olympic spot

    11/11/13, via New Jersey Herald: www.njherald.com

    "He taught Andy, ‘Tempus Fugit,' which means ‘Time flies ... it," Matt finally understood it when he found a poem his grandfather printed out just before he died. On that poem, called "The Clock of Life," Annichiarico added one more line to it ...

    Breaking the bubble: A scenic drive through Knox County

    10/16/13, via theknoxstudent.com: www.theknoxstudent.com

    The Hawthorne Center carries a staggering amount of antiques ranging from the stately (a grandfather clock admonishing shoppers “Tempus Fugit”), the charming (a ceramic bank of a washing machine labeled “Laundered money”) to the downright ...

    The Joke's On You for Sept. 13

    09/13/13, via Greensboro News & Record: www.news-record.com

    Feel free to post comments and ask questions. As one clock said to the other clock: “We need to tock.” Glad you guys took the time to send in some captions. We wound up with some really good ones. Also, where are my juniors, ages 12 and under?

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    Tempus fugit

    Tempus fugit

    Ocean by Christobal Alvarado Vintage texture by playingwithbrushes Clockface by stevendepolo

    Photo by vidalia_11 on Flickr

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