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    atomic clock with day & date Bestsellers

    Atomic Clock with Day & Date
    Atomic Clock with Day & Date details

    Atomic Clock with Day & Date

    by Sonnet

    • Great Gift Idea.
    • Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available.
    • Design is stylish and innovative. Satisfaction Ensured.
    7.5 Inch Wall Mount Atomic Alarm Clock Displays Time/Date/Day/Temp
    7.5 Inch Wall Mount Atomic Alarm Clock Displays Time/Date/Day/Temp details

    7.5 Inch Wall Mount Atomic Alarm Clock Displays Time/Date/Day/Temp

    by Kito

    $55.38   ( $83.99 )
    • Perfect gift for those that love Clocks and Timers
    • Measurement: H: 8.62 x W: 7.5 x D: 1
    • Great craftmanship.


    AcuRite Atomic Projection Clock with Indoor Temperature 13239

    Wake up with the warm glow of the time projected in large digits on your wall or ceiling with the AcuRite Atomic Projection Clock. The sleek, tech-inspired d...

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    Latest News

    A technological ignoramus

    10/01/13, via Northeast Arkansas Town Crier (blog):

    I have a Skyscan atomic wall clock that I just love. It gives me the day of the week, the date, the indoor temperature, the moon phase, and outdoor temperature. But sometimes it gets out of sinc and the outdoor temperature setting won't display. I get ...

    SpaceX successfully launches debut Falcon 9 v1.1

    09/29/13, via

    The first stage engines ignited three seconds ahead of the planned T-0, building up thrust until the clock reached zero, at which point the rocket's onboard computer commanded the pad to release it. Falcon ascended On some previous Falcon 9 ...

    All the Time in the World

    09/26/13, via The Smart Set:

    Edey's grandfather was Morris W. Kellogg, a New York City industrialist who made his fortune building oil refineries in the 1920s and atomic bomb plants during the Second World War. As its name suggests, the carriage clock was made to be attached ...

    Antelope Audio Goes Atomic on Rihanna's Internationally Acclaimed "Diamonds ...

    09/06/13, via Broadcast Engineering:

    things to another level —the difference was like night and day." Currently, the tour is running two Antelope Audio Orion32s and a 10M atomic clock on playback, in addition to a Trinity | 10M combination at front of house (FOH). The Trinity | 10M ...

    Just about time

    10/03/13, via

    Setting the watch is easily done via an electronic winder. 2. Citizen Ladies’ World Time A-T, £369 Featuring Citizen’s Eco-Drive technology with atomic time- keeping synchronisation, this 39mm timepiece provides world time in 26 cities, alarm and ...

    WVA Biennial

    10/02/13, via On Milwaukee:

    Jan. 17, 2014 10:00 a.m. - March 2, 2014, 5:00 p.m. On View at MOWA: January 17-March 2, 2014 Opening Reception: Friday, January 17, 2014, 5:00-9:00 The 2014 Wisconsin Artists Biennial will be held at MOWA from January 17 – March 2. Organized by ...

    A closer look at the BT masts site development plan

    10/02/13, via Rugby Observer:

    IT HAS been mooted as the ideal location for a wind farm. It was even once suggested it could have been the site of Queen Boudicca’s last battle between her Iceni tribe and the invading Romans. Discussion about the redevelopment of the former BT masts ...

    Measuring Height By Connecting Clocks

    10/02/13, via Eurasia Review:

    Now optical atomic clocks offer ... Perhaps some day the height between Braunschweig and Garching will be measured over the large distance – of course also via the glass fiber link and with the aid of a clock comparison.

    SwRI adds five chambers for deep water simulation testing

    10/02/13, via Phys:

    Measuring just over 15 feet in length with a 13-inch inner diameter and a 6.5-inch wall thickness, the cylindrical simulators ... cable assemblies, valves, pipe joints and other equipment for the oil and gas industry," said Joseph Crouch, manager of ...

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    solar december watch timepiece wristwatch blueangels citizen radiocontrolled 2009 skyhawk ecodrive perpetualcalendar neverneedsabattery worldtimein43cities 99minutecountdowntimer digitaldisplaylightledbacklight waterresistantto200m atomictimekeepingwithradiocontrolledaccuracy jy004059l 2alarms 1100secondchronographmeasuresupto24hours greenwichmeantimedisplay rotatingsliderulebezel nonreflectivecrystal powerreserveindicator allstainlesssteelblueionplating
    Early Christmas Present

    Early Christmas Present

    Link to PDF Manual

    Photo by The Rocketeer on Flickr

    airplane virginia smithsonian dulles map space aircraft jet nasa va shuttle vehicle spaceship fairfax enterprise spaceshuttle nationalairandspacemuseum spacecraft sr71 dullesairport chantilly airandspacemuseum sr71blackbird udvarhazy smithsonianinstitution stevenfudvarhazycenter spaceshuttleenterprise stevenfudvarhazy eyefi exif:exposure=001sec1100 exif:exposure_bias=0ev exif:focal_length=18mm exif:iso_speed=400 spaceshuttleorbiter exif:aperture=f50 camera:make=nikoncorporation exif:flash=offdidnotfire camera:model=nikond7000 flickrstats:favorites=1 exif:orientation=horizontalnormal exif:vari_program=autoflashoff exif:lens=18200mmf3556 exif:filename=dsc0114jpg exif:shutter_count=11632 meta:exif=1350330971
    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: map of the museum

    Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: map of the museum

    This is the on-site version of the facility map, also available (and probably more useful to you, reader) as this PDF document: Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center: Boeing Aviation Hangar & James S McDonnell Space Hangar.

    Photo by Chris Devers on Flickr

    entertainment wrestlers bigdaddy saturdayafternoon tagteam gianthaystacks stevelogan gorgeousgeorge mikemarino brianglover kendonagasaki patroach worldofsport kentwalton mickmcmanus jackiepallo tvshowsweusedtowatch leskellet 1970swrestling grapplefans bristolmusicarts
    TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1970s - Wrestling

    TV Shows We Used To Watch - 1970s - Wrestling

    Turn back the clock to the 1970’s when Saturday afternoon meant one thing and that was Wrestling. Wrestling - a mainstay of the World of Sport schedule from 1955 until it ended. Many of the wrestlers featured became...

    Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

    sun moon geotagged shiny earth mandala fullmoon litter mooning fringed layers osmosis gaia rippling pentacle bleached heliotrope earthbound eastgate mystory sweetgum herbstlaub phenomena moongate liquidambarstyraciflua tarry veined junemoon sedimentation feuillemorte senescence colorfulworld blackhalo starleaf beingstranded chthonia chthonotrope berlinuptown geo:lat=52543184 geo:lon=13544347
    shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate

    shiny star leaf fringed weirdly in tarry moongate

    The shiny star leaf being stranded fringed weirdly in a moongate gravitating sun-side down earth↓wards exhibiting her flashed, chthonotrope, fawnbeige moon-side, fringed by rippling rickrack purlieus; subfusc...

    Photo by quapan on Flickr

    eldjezair lepaquebot
    Le Paquebot El Djezair

    Le Paquebot El Djezair

    Google translation from the French... The ships go to war Here is a long saga. The episodes that follow are cited by Mr. Henry HOUARD honorary lieutenant,...

    Photo by photolibrarian on Flickr

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